Terms & Condition

Sandhya Packers & Movers Pvt.Ltd. is one of the reliable names affianced in catering remarkable Shifting Services. These services are rendered with utmost care and professionalism.

Our Terms & Condition

All Subject to Ranchi Jurisdiction
Service tax no - AALCS8422NST001
C.I.N NO - U63090JH2008PTC013081

Our Terms & Condition are:-

  1. Goods are booked on Freight Paid basis only.
  2. Breakage and Damage is not covered by us.
  3. "D" From Permit Expenses etc. to be borne by the consignor.
  4. Storage facility is available at a charge of Rs. 500/- per day per truck load or part thereof.
  5. Detention charges will be taken @ Rs. 50/- per truck per hour of detention if the truck in not vacated within four hours of reach at destination.
  6. The carrier will not accept for carriage of Gold Silver Jewellery, Pricious Stones, and Pearls Securities valuable documents any other type of precious and / or valuable goods.
  7. Perishable and /or fragile goods hazardous and /or extra hazardous liquid goods and all goods liable to be breakage and / or leakage will be accepted for charging only at the owner and / or consignors and / or consignees.
  8. The carrier reserves to itself the right without assigning any reason whets' ever to charge from any usual to costomary rout(s) and to carry goods by any other rout(s) which it any think fit.
  9. In respect of goods covered by insurance the liability of the carries insured cease immediately on delivery of the goods into the final warehouses and/ or state at the destination station named herein or on expiry of 16 hours from the time conveyance at the final destination whatsoever shall first occur. There after the goods remain entirely at the risk of the owners and neither the carrier not their insurers shall be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or destruction of such goods.
  10. Demurrage will be charged at 1 paisa per kg per day if delivery goods in not taken by the consignee after the expiry of 7 days from the date of the arrival of the goods at final destination. The carries is not obtained to notify arrival of goods to consignee.
  11. If delivery of goods is not taken by consignee within a month from the date of the arrival of final destination the carrier reserves the right to sell such goods at their current market price and to realize from the sale proceeds any amount due and / or any amount which may have accrued by way of freight demure and any other charge or expenditure incurred.
  12. The carrier will not under any circumstances be responsible or liable for loss or damages to or destination of goods booked and carried at OWNER's risk or any claim for compensation in respect of such loss, damage or destruction and the corporation reserves to itself the repudiated any such claims without assigning any reason whatever.
  13. The carrier will not be responsible for loss or damage to or destruction of any goods arising or resulting from an act of God an act of war hostilities and war like operation whether war be declared or not, an Act of public or state enemies arrest restraint detainments (local or otherwise), Strike lock out riot and civil commotion, any unexpected and /or unavoidable emergencies the act of thieves, robbers and docoits, fire heat, rain ordinary breakage due to insufficient of packing inadequacy of amrks of any accident whatever arising.
  14. All claims for compensation in respect of loss, damage or destruction of goods carried by the carrier should be submitted to the carrier within 10 days from the date of booking along with original invoice. Thereafter the carrier shall be at liberty to refuse to entertain any such claims. All the claims for compensation shall be settled only at Ranchi subject to thje regulations and condition of carriage.
  15. The office's employees or Agent of the carriers or not authorized to alter or reduce the effect or neglect any of the above conditions.
  16. We do not allow any consignor or consignee or here representatives, any to go along with our truck, it may be considered any allowed on request in a special case, caretaker either to consignor or consignee to do with the truck but the Sandhya Packers and Movers Pvt. Ltd. Shall in not case incure and bind themselves with any liability whatever for any loss / the ft/damage or injury to the person or property including the belonging of such caretaker arising out of accident or otherwise in course of transit.
  17. The carrier does not under take any obligation to re-book the goods from destination.
  18. The carrier shall have the right to without and detained the goods at risk of the consignor/consignee till the freight is paid thereof.

N.B. :- Received in good condition delivery of material at on time.

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